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Red Shovel Glass Co.

Tumbled glass and ceramics locally produced, 100% recycled. Perfect for landscape, floral, and decorative applications. High quality, small batches, priced competitively.

Our Lines Include:

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Red Shovel Glass Co.

Beach MixCeramicsTerra Cotta
Art GlassTemper (large)BlueRiver Rock
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River Rock & Blue

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Red Shovel Glass Co. is a not-for-profit project of San Francisco Community Recyclers with support from Environment S.F.

Note: 50 pounds of average sized tumblings will cover an area of approximately 6 square feet at a depth of 1 inch.

Small batches of specialty colors are periodically available. Please check with us to find out what is in current production.

Order by Phone or Mail

We are happy to take your tumbled glass order either by phone or by email. Shipping is in addition to our posted price. Shipping is done via UPS ground or USPS parcel post and costs vary by region. To help you calculate your costs, the following guidelines apply.

West Coast
$.50 lb

$.75 lb

East Coast
$ 1.00 lb

These are approximated costs, We cannot give you a final cost without exact shipping address.